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Polish Best Fawn/Brindle Kennel 2006!      Best Fawn/Brindle Kennel II place 2007!
Hot & important:
  I would like to thank all danes photographers, thanks to who I can put many beauty photos on this website, Thank you !
  Oleńka Olena Univers & Quilla Bamba Univers appeared in the music video

  New litter in our kennel
15.01 Red Bull i Quilla Bamba became parents of four cute puppies.
More info, photos and movies " litter T"
Miot T
04.12 RED BULL Univers and QUINTESENCE CHILLI Univers new Champions of Poland.
25.09 QUILLA BAMBA Univers new Champion Romania
24.04 RED BULL Univers - the New Junior Chmpion of Poland
16.04 QRONOS URANOS Univers and QUILLA BAMBA Univers fulfilled the requirements for Polish Champion in age of 22 months!
Show news:
04.03 IDS Dzonków (judge: Pero Bozhinowski[MK])
-Red Bull Univers - open class - CAC, CACIB, BOB
- Speedy Gonzales Univers - junior class - JCAC, Best Junior
- Suzanne Vega Univers - junior class - JCAC
04.12 NDS owiebodzice (judge: Andrzej Stepinski[Pl])
- Qintesence Chilli - open class - excellent 1, CAC, BOS
- Red Bull - open class - excellent 1, CAC, BOS
24-25.09 What a week-end in Arad (Romania), our Quilla Bamba:
- IDS (judge: Miroslav Vaclavik [CZ]) -open class - excellent I CAC, CACIB, BOB, Transylvania Winner
- NDS (judge: Vasile Carol Papp [Ro]) - open class - excellent I CAC, BOB
- IDS (Judge: Dr. Roberto Schill [Ro]) - open class - excellent I CAC, CACIB, BOB
Bamba new Champion Romania
28.05 IDS Leszno (judge: Roberto Velez Pico [Puerto Rico]):
- RED BULL Univers - intermediate class
excellent I/2, CAC, CACIB, The Best Adult Male
- QUINTESENCE CHILLI Univers - open class
excellent I/2, CAC
24.04 IDS Opole (judge: Mr Matyas [Sk]):
- RED BULL Univers - excellent 1, JCAC ,BOS New Junior Chmpion of Poland.
- QUILLA BAMBA Univers - excellent 1,CAC,CACIB the best adult female.
16.04 NDS Grudziadz (judge: Jaroslaw Grunt[Pl]):
- QRONOS URANOS Univers - excellent I/III, got CAC, BOS, and BOB!
- QUILLA BAMBA Univers - excellent I,got CAC and the Best Adult Female
Puppy info:
On 15.01 in our kennel born litter T
Miot T
New photos:
11.03 The new photos - 7 weeks oldTheodora Roosvelt litter T
- 11 months old Speedy Gonzales litter S in new homes
01.03 Photos and movies our litter T
11 months old Speedy and his grandmother - Madame Shelby 8,5 years on the movie
01.10 New photos:
6 months old litter S
04.08 Nowe filmy:
Our future, - Suzanne i Speedy
02.08 New photos (movies):
01.07 New photos:
puppies of litter "S" in age 3 months in the photos and the movies
10.05 New photos:
Our pride - the veterans - La Lucciola, Legal Leser and Bibiana
10.05 New photos:
puppies of litter "S" in age 4 weeks in the photos and the movies
17.04 New photos:
- the first socialization of " litter S"
10.04 New photos:
- puppies of " litter S" have 10 days

Łódź 2007:
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Łódź 2006:
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