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A few words about us

My name is Anna and I live with my family in western part od Poland - in Poznan. My adventure with Great Danes has started in 1976 when I bought fawn lady GAFA ELKA Futrzany Gang. The first breeding female was our second girl FRANCEY v. Spektrum. For first few years we bred Danes for my friend kennel name "Hyperion" and finally decided to register my own one in 1996. In this year we finally had our first Univers puppies but becuase of tragic death of the dam - Marijuana Julia Hyperion who was posined we had to take care of 9 puppies and we did it with success, which made us very proud! 6 puppies from this litter went to Germany, one to Russia and two stayed in Poland. Next litter we had after our beloved Yasmina Hyperion. First of her litters was with AMIGO v. d. Georgsmuhle, second with DIABLO v. Hadis. Two ladies from this litter- BONNY BLAIR and BRIANNA BRIE are with us. Last litter of Yasimna was with Salavador Dali Hyperion and the only one boy was born - Diego de la Vega. He became very beautiful Great Dane and I am very sorry he is not participating in dog shows! Next litter this was connection between BONNY BLAIR and OLAF de Bassenque. One of the girl - EROICA ELZA staid with us and is our new star! Other puppies found good homes. Europa Ensamble who lives in Finland is very successful on show rings, which makes us very proud and happy. This year BRIANNA has one girl - Felicita Mia - with handsome MASSERATI Jag-Sza. Felicita lives with her cousin - Emilka Univers.

In our home also live beautiful brindle female Nektarynka z Kuzni Napoleonskiej and impressive, young male with French bloodline - Max Apokalipsa II.

All our Danes: Bonny, Brianna, Nektarynka, Elza and Max live with us at home and have full contact with all family. Breeding Danes is our way of live and big pleasure. We are selected new owner carefully with hope to be in contact and get news about our "kids" as long as possible.

Yuo will see more about our Danes and breeding plans in the other sections.

Have fun!


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